(Nicht) Den Einheimischen mimen.

Wie Ortsloyalität sprachlich hergestellt wird

  • Alexandra Schiesser Université de Fribourg


This paper examines how subjectively perceived place loyalty (Ortsloyalität) relates to the use of dialect. Place loyalty is distinguished from other theoretical concepts of place affiliation such as the objectively determinable sedentarism (Ortsfestigkeit). On a broad empirical basis and by using qualitative as well as quantitative methods, it is demonstrated that speakers with identical levels of sedentarism do not feel the same place loyalty towards their place of living. It is subsequently shown that the dialect use of speakers with differently marked place loyalty differs greatly. The article therefore suggests viewing local affiliation as entity which, among other things, is established via language use.

Schiesser, A. (2019). (Nicht) Den Einheimischen mimen.: Wie Ortsloyalität sprachlich hergestellt wird. Linguistik Online, 98(5), 363–385. https://doi.org/10.13092/lo.98.5944