Alemannisch und der Deutschunterricht.

Schweizerdeutschdebatten in der Schweizer Schule seit 1950


In this contribution, I describe the evolution of the role that Alemannic dialects and Standard High German play in the Swiss German educational context. Drawing on a content analysis of a collection of school-related documents from 1950 to 2014, I describe the change in the roles attributed to dialects and the standard language, respectively. The task of German-language education shifts from the two-fold goal of teaching standard-language literacy and cultivating the “pure” dialect in the 1950s to a clear prioritization of standard language skills both in orality and in literacy towards the end of the twentieth century. I discuss these changes in relation to the backdrop of the media discourse on identity, language, multilingual education, language norms, and other social issues such as migration.

Berthele, R. (2019). Alemannisch und der Deutschunterricht.: Schweizerdeutschdebatten in der Schweizer Schule seit 1950. Linguistik Online, 98(5), 387–409.