Problembezeichnung und Problemerlebnis - Gedanken zum problematischen Selbstverständnis einer Übersetzungswissenschaft

  • Ismail Işcen


This study, related to the discussion concerning the basis of an "ÜW" (Science of Translation), aims to show the connection between the problems, which are concretely lived in the praxis of studies and researches (concentrated on the general topic "translation"), and the definitions of these problems. The main arguments, which have been expressed in particular since the early 80's, can be described as against or for the "pure" disciplinary structure of a science of translation (ÜW). The study tries to make clear that these arguments have their origin in other disciplines, which aim to incorporate the translation researches. Concerning the theoretical basis of an ÜW (as an opposite/alternative to TS, translation studies) the study discusses the possibilities given by the arguments named, particularly those emphasizing the precipice between the "Ü-Theorie" and "Ü-Praxis", the interdisciplinary spectrum of several sciences, the complexity of the subject etc. At the end of the study a proposal is formulated for resolving the main problem (of the discussion itself) based on extra-disciplinary approaches. The discussion on the basis of a science of Translation (ÜW) must be clarified by a logical order of proceedings and the "dynamic structure" of principle analyses in ÜW, which can be defined as subordination and coordination aspects of the discipline.
Işcen, I. (2005). Problembezeichnung und Problemerlebnis - Gedanken zum problematischen Selbstverständnis einer Übersetzungswissenschaft. Linguistik Online, 23(2).