Les fresques murales à Khartoum pendant la révolution soudanaise de décembre 2018

Généralisation et politisation d'un phénomène artistique

Keywords: revolution, mural, politicization, sit-in, public space


In Sudan, the revolution that began in December 2018 has led to many changes on the political, economic, ideological, and socio-cultural levels. One of the most visible changes is the explosion of street art in the capital. This article is based on a field survey of pictorial artists who created works on the walls of Khartoum during this revolutionary moment. The aim of this article is to trace the rapid evolution of street art, from its near absence to its current omnipresence, with a particular focus on the tipping point represented,  by the ‘sit-in’ held in front of the national army headquarters. The appropriation of a central space over a long period of time, freed from the surveillance and state repression that previously affected these expressions, allowed new forms of artistic and political discourse to emerge. The ’sit-in’ marked a turning point in the place occupied by mural painting in the local collective imagination. This article illustrates the shift of street art  from a marginal practice to a form of popular expression, which contributed (and continues to contribute) to the politicization of the urban space of the "New Sudan" claimed by the revolutionaries.

Author Biography

Yacine Khiar, Paris 8 University Vincennes-Saint Denis; LAVUE joint research unit

Yacine Khiar is a PhD candidate in anthropology at Paris 8 University Vincennes-Saint-Denis; he is  associated with the Laboratory of Architecture, City, Urbanism and Environment (LAVUE) joint research unit (UMR), French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Centre for Economic, Legal, and Social Study and Documentation (CEDEJ) Khartoum. His thesis, under the supervision of Barbara Casciarri, focuses on the evolution of the visual art world in Sudan since the December 2018 Revolution. At the crossroads between anthropology of art, political studies, and sociology of professions, this research looks at the transformations that a professional sector of activity undergoes and the strategies adopted by its actors in the face of the major upheavals that within specific national contexts.

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Khiar, Y. (2022). Les fresques murales à Khartoum pendant la révolution soudanaise de décembre 2018: Généralisation et politisation d’un phénomène artistique. Manazir Journal, 4, 17–33. https://doi.org/10.36950/manazir.2022.4.2