Vol. 24 (2019): Decolonial Processes in Swiss Academia and Cultural Institutions: Empirical and Theoretical Approaches

Cover TSANTSA anthropological journal year 2019

This issue discusses aspects of decolonial processes and their relevance with regard to Swiss cultural institutions and higher education by presenting key concepts of decolonial thinking such as coloniality, modernity and de-linking. Boaventura de Sousa Santos’s suggestions for decolonising Western universities are juxtaposed with actual decolonial processes taking place in different academic, (art) education and museum settings in Switzerland and abroad, and their political dimensions are scrutinised.

Guest editors: Fiona Siegenthaler, Marie-laure Allain Bonilla

This issue – as well as all previous issues – can be found on the legacy website of TSANTSA: archive.tsantsa.ch

Published: 01-05-2019

Contributions in Audio-Visual Anthropology